10 Southwest Montana Resolutions for the New Year

Let’s face it, New Year’s resolutions are a joke. That’s because people always resolve to things that aren’t any fun. Go to the gym, eat carrot sticks, things like that. Well, we can help. We’ve put together a list of 10 New Year’s resolutions that are doable and fun. Pick one, or resolve to do them all. Or commit to cleaning your garage. The choice is yours.

1. Tour at least 3 SWMT Ghost Towns

But really there are so many great ghost towns, why stop at 3?

2. Spend a weekend in a town you’ve never visited (or stayed in) before

Ennis Montana

There are countless small towns in the region with great lodging and camping options, there’s sure to be one that’s new to you and perfect for a weekend getaway.

3. Visit at least 2 SWMT museums

Again, 2 is an arbitrary number, why stop there?

4. Do 2 activities you’ve never done before


Ever gone ice-sailing? Mountain biking? Dog-sledding? Because you should.

5. Throw a dinner party using only food purchased that morning from a farmer’s market

No shopping list or anything, just buy whatever looks the most delicious and make a party out of it. I’ve never reached that level of spontaneity, but that’s how the real chefs go farmers marketing. Probably do this one in the peak of summer, when you’ll be spoiled for choice.

6. Follow one of our SWMT roadtrips or itineraries

We have a bunch of them, and they are really good. If you’re like my dad you’ll make it a challenge to do a whole itinerary in a day, but I say what the heck, make a weekend out of it.

7. Eat at a restaurant in every SWMT county

The difficulty will be trying to narrow it down to just one great eatery per county. Nine counties, nine great meals.

8. See a live performance


Check out or events calendar for the latest listings.

9. Go on an overnight backpacking trip

Find somewhere wild, somewhere remote.

10. Visit all of something

My vote is breweries (obviously)

Pick something from our list and resolve to visit all of them. State Parks, Breweries, Museums, Distilleries, Hot Springs. Pick a category and visit them all.

We look forward to seeing you in this new year!

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