PRO Outfitters in the Sunset Magazine

February’s issue of Sunset Magazine included the hot list of 100 top foods to eat, places to visit, and things to do and PRO Outfitters, based out of Helena, was listed as #76. Here is what they had to say: Experience Trump consumption Research shows that doing things tends to make us happier than buying … Read more

Gold West in Delta Air Lines’ Sky Magazine

Gold West Country and other areas of Montana are featured in the January edition of Delta Air Lines’ Sky magazine. Gold West Country is highlighted on page 122. There’s a beautiful photo of Tizer Botanic Gardens in Jefferson City and they mention the State Capitol, Butte, Copper King Mansion, the Ranch at Rock Creek, and … Read more

Old Montana Prison on the Science Channel

Back in July, the Discovery Channel TV show ‘Ghost Lab‘ came to Deer Lodge and spent several days investigating the Old Montana Prison. Brothers Brad and Barry Klinge, co-founders of the group ‘Everyday Paranormal‘, were joined by team members Katie Burr, Steve Hock, Steve Harris and Cory Lamey. The production crew set up cameras, lighting … Read more

The Montana Club and a Lesson in History

Time stands still within the quiet confines of the nationally renowned Montana Club, one of the oldest social clubs in the Northwest. A group of Helena’s elite founded the club in 1885 “for gentlemen only.” Members built a seven-story building on this site in 1893. Ten years later, fire destroyed the downtown landmark. Authorities discovered … Read more

The Guardian of the Gulch

Fire was the grim reaper that stalked all western mining camps. Hastily–built log cabins, crowded together along the streets, created a constant hazard. Miners relied on fire for cooking and heating, but they were sometimes careless; their tiny cabins of tinder-dry wood bred a dangerous combination. When one building caught fire, just like a row … Read more

Forgotten Pioneers

The remains of scores of Chinese residents lie among native prairie grasses and prickly pear cactus in a wind-swept field outside Forestvale Cemetery’s tended grounds in Helena. Five distinct rows, a few scattered headstones, and one tiny cabin nestled along the south end of Last Chance Gulch are Helena’s only physical reminders of a forgotten … Read more

The Wellington Rankin House

The Carolina B & B on Ewing Street in Helena was once the home of C.B. Power, son of wealthy US senator T.C. Power. Several owners later, the house belonged to Jeannette Rankin’s brother, Wellington. When Colleen Cox began its conversion to a bed and breakfast in 1999, the Rankin family connection prompted naming one … Read more

The Haunting of Grandstreet Theatre

The haunting of Grandstreet Theatre, which was originally the Unitarian Church built in 1901, is so famous that it is included in Haunted Places: The National Dictionary. Progressive Unitarians designed the church to double as public space, and so the sanctuary also functioned as a public auditorium with sloped seating, a beautiful proscenium arch, and … Read more