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Continental Divide Trail Communities Along The Trail

Get To Know Our Communities!

The Continental Divide Trail Coalition has designated 4 communities in Montana (all of which are located in Southwest Montana) as official CDT Gateway Communities. These communities are friendly to trail users and are dedicated to the completion and protection of the trail. The communities we have listed as accessible have connecting trails from the community to the CDT itself. These connecting trails are also popular day hikes for Montana visitors! For thru-hikers, becoming familiar with the accessible and gateway communities along the trail is essential for food resupply, transportation, and more.

Gateway Communities

Gateway Communities along the Continental Divide Trail are welcoming destinations for hikers, bikers, backpackers and more who are utilizing the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail. These communities are self-selected participants to the program that have proven their interest in CDT users by ensuring they have the desired amenities of hikers and bikers experiencing the Continental Divide while promoting the trail's maintenance and completion. In addition, these communities are located nearby the trail and provide multiple access points for trail users. These communities also promote access to the CDT for day or weekend users in addition to thru hikers. All four of Montana's designated Continental Divide Trail Gateway Communities are located in the Southwest Montana travel region. Get to know Montana's CDT Gateway Communities which include Lincoln, Helena, Anaconda, and Butte.

Accessible Communities

The Gateway Communities of Southwest Montana are not the only access points for the Continental Divide Trail in the region. As the trail follows the rugged divide through Montana, trail users will find nearby access to the communities of Augusta, Dillon, Elliston, Lima, Wisdom, and Wise River. While these communities have not self-selected as CDT friendly destinations, you will find many of the desired amenities in these towns. If you are a day or weekend trail user looking for Continental Divide Trail access, each of our accessible trail communities (in addition to the four designated Gateway Communities) offer it! After you get off the trail, make sure to explore these friendly destinations along Montana's Continental Divide.