A Wild Winter in Montana

And as much as I love snow, even I can get tired of it after a while. Sometimes you’ve had enough frolicking in a winter wonderland, and you just want to call it a day and hunker down with a delicious beer from one of the region’s many microbreweries. This kind of weather probably calls … Read more

Two Weeks Until Spring…supposedly

Remember back in January when the theme of the blog was “things to do inside out of the cold?” What young, naive fools we were back then. January was remarkably temperate, and frankly, there was little reason not to spend most of the month out of doors. And then February struck, and like a “changing … Read more

The Mountains (around Helena) are Calling

As our fans might know, we here on the blog are celebrating this February’s frigidly below-average temperatures by highlighting some of the best places to head outdoors this winter. We’ve been mostly focusing on the biggest activities, which makes sense, when most people think about winter, they think about downhill skiing and snowboarding, cross-country skiing … Read more

The Mountains (of Anaconda and Philipsburg) are Calling

Snowshoeing in Southwest Montana

The Seattle-ites might be freaking out about the presence of winter, but in Southwest Montana we know there’s nothing better than some fresh snow (sorry Western Washingtonians, a shameless joke at your expense). Fresh snow means more skiing, more snowmobiling, and – as long as you wear the right clothes and drive carefully – more … Read more

The Mountains of Dillon are Calling

In the heart of the expansive Beaverhead Valley, Dillon is an outdoor-er’s paradise, and not just because it is home to Montana’s only Patagonia Outlet Store. Dillon is primarily know as a hot spot for fisherpeople, but it is equally active in the winter, when the cold weather and heavy snow open up new possibilities. … Read more

Main Street Montana

Willie's Distillery | Ennis, MT

From bustling downtowns to main streets that dead-end at the foot of a mountain, Montana’s towns never disappoint. Even the smallest of towns has something, from surprising steakhouses (in a registered ghost town) to unique pottery from local clay, the Main Streets of Southwest Montana offer an eclectic array of unexpected experiences that never fail … Read more

Arts in the Winter in Southwest Montana

It’s not warm. It’s not colder-than-Antarctica cold, but right now Montana is cold, and blustery, and maybe you want to do something inside. Don’t get me wrong we love skiing, icefishing, skijoring, snowmobiling, soaking in hot springs, and so much more; Montana in winter is an outdoor paradise. But it’s a chilly paradise. And as glorious … Read more

Ringing in the New Year

The holidays are a season of traditions, memories, and reflection. Looking back on the holiday seasons of years past, I am sure there are some glaring times that bring a smile to your face. I have been privileged enough to spend most of my holidays in Southwest Montana, and I thought – why not share … Read more

406 Day: Celebrating Montana


The 406 is an incredible place to call home. Montana offers some of the most amazing views, residents are lucky enough to travel no more than 30 minutes in any direction to find an outdoor adventure of their choosing, the population may be growing – but there will always be a small town vibe, genuine … Read more