Navigating Butte’s Folk Fest

Butte’s annual Montana Folk Festival is one of the highlights of a Southwest Montana summer. This free, three-day, six-stage extravaganza features an eclectic mix of musical genres and vendors. Every July, more than 20 artists come from across the world (not to mention the Montana artists), 30 food vendors, and 50 arts and crafts stalls … Read more

Dillon’s State Parks

As you are planning your travels around Southwest Montana this summer, don’t forget to make the State Parks a major part of your itinerary. Usually less crowded and more of-the-beaten-path than the National Parks, our State Parks represent the best of Montana. From active and well known parks like Bannack, to perched-at-the-top-of-a-mountain-road gems like Granite; … Read more

Main Street Montana

Willie's Distillery | Ennis, MT

From bustling downtowns to main streets that dead-end at the foot of a mountain, Montana’s towns never disappoint. Even the smallest of towns has something, from surprising steakhouses (in a registered ghost town) to unique pottery from local clay, the Main Streets of Southwest Montana offer an eclectic array of unexpected experiences that never fail … Read more

Arts in the Winter in Southwest Montana

It’s not warm. It’s not colder-than-Antarctica cold, but right now Montana is cold, and blustery, and maybe you want to do something inside. Don’t get me wrong we love skiing, icefishing, skijoring, snowmobiling, soaking in hot springs, and so much more; Montana in winter is an outdoor paradise. But it’s a chilly paradise. And as glorious … Read more

What to Know about Visiting Southwest MT during Wildfire Season

Even on a good year, wildfires are an inevitable part of summers in the west, just like blizzards are inevitable in the winter. And, just like blizzards, there are a number of ways to prepare to ensure that your trip to Southwest Montana is an excellent experience, whatever the weather. Your first port of call … Read more

Summer Days are Drifting Away…

7 Ways to Spend Summer in Southwest Montana You guys. The sun is out. The rivers are finally floatable. The air is incredibly breathable. It’s time to spend every available free moment outside. Unless you work in the sun all day and what you really want is to relax with some climate control … either … Read more

Montana Traditions: Montana Folk Festival

Montana Folk Festival | Butte

Butte hosts one of the largest FREE music festivals in the Northwest: The Montana Folk Festival. This festival, starting in 2008, has become a Montana tradition that draws thousands to the region. Join us under the headframes in Historic Uptown Butte for a weekend of good company, great food, and endless music! From 2008 to 2010, … Read more

The Most Magical Time of the Year: Farmers Market Season

The trouble with farmers markets is that they feature stunningly beautiful, fresh, locally grown produce. And before you say “oh, he’s just being ironic, calling that a problem”, let me assure you that I am not. You see, the problem with local produce is that it is beautiful and fresh, and you are very likely … Read more

Wilderness Art

As you wind your way through the surprising sculptures in the Sculptures in the Wild complex outside of Lincoln, Montana, you feel just a bit like you are wandering through some ancient, megalithic site. Built using local materials–both natural and industrial–the sculptures on this 26 acre plot of pine forest play with the environment, creating … Read more